The netherlands : an attack with a knife made two injured in Amsterdam

Two people were injured Friday in an attack with a knife to the Amsterdam central station and the assailant alleged, whose motivations remain unknown, was wounded by a bullet, has announced that the Dutch police.

“The police fired on a suspect, following an incident with a knife at the train station in Amsterdam Central”, said the police on Twitter, saying that the motivations of the perpetrator are currently unknown. The two injured, whose identity was not known, and that the attackers be presumed to have been taken to hospital, police said Amsterdam without specifying their state of health.

A witness saw a young man “collapse” in his shop florist, the hand in blood. “Shortly after, I heard gunshots and I realized that it was something serious,” says Richard Snelders press agency, the Dutch ANP. A little later, he said he saw another man lying on the ground near there.

“The first thing that comes to mind is that it is a terrorist attack. After all, you are in Amsterdam central station”, he added. “There was a great panic”. The police, who arrived quickly on the scene, ordered in English, a man of “stay on earth” after he was shot, according to the witness. “It all happened very quickly”.

Several attacks with knives have been perpetrated in Europe

Another witness told the local television channel AT that the assailant was a man of about thirty years. The police have cordoned off an area inside the train station shortly after the incident, gathering a crowd of people outside, has found an AFP journalist on the spot. “A large number of police officers are still present,” he added.

The authorities have explained that the station was briefly closed and not drained. Two docks have been temporarily closed but were then reopened. The total evacuation of the station “was not planned”, stressed the police.

The traffic of the trams leaving from the station, however, has been interrupted. More specific information is not available for the moment, police said. The exact circumstances of the tragedy were not immediately known and the police refused to characterize the incident while indicating studying “all scenarios”. “We investigate, in particular on the motivations (of the aggressor) but we are considering all the scenarios,” she explained. Approximately 250,000 people visit every day in this station is very frequented of the Dutch capital, according to statistics provided by the travel guide

The station is located in the historic centre of the city surrounded by canals. Several attacks with knives have been perpetrated in Europe in recent years, but the netherlands, adjacent to or near some of the affected countries (France, Belgium, Germany) had so far been spared.

The last attack date was two dead and one seriously injured on 23 August in Trappes in the paris suburbs. The group jihadist islamic State (EI) had claimed responsibility for the attack but the French authorities have estimated that the terrorist nature of the attack was not confirmed at this stage.

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