Pedo got girl, 13, pregnant after being bailed on charges of raping his ex-wife’s daughter when she was seven

A PEDOPHILE got a teenage girl pregnant while he was on bail on charges of raping his ex-wife’s seven-year-old daughter.

Major Hawthorne, 46, was first charged with child rape in April 2018, more than two years after the seven-year-old girl reported the incident, court records say.

A 13-year-old girl was raped by her mum’s boyfriend and became pregnant with his baby
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She claimed Hawthorne sexually assaulted her five times over a number of years, starting from the age of seven.

Hawthorne was sentenced and caged for 120 months to life in prison on first and second degree rape charges.

But he was released on bail without bond in May 2018, and in the same month he went to stay with his girlfriend’s 13-year-old daughter.

The pair lived in a truck while his girlfriend and her other child stayed at a homeless shelter, the Spokesman reported.

Shortly after the 13-year-old told police Hawthorne raped her four times in the truck, and told police he also assaulted her earlier that year.

She told her mum, Hawthorne’s girlfriend, she was pregnant in November 2018, and then reported the incident to police, the newspaper added.

A doctor at Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center estimated the girl’s date of pregnancy would be in May.

A DNA test was performed after the girl gave birth, and confirmed Hawthrone was the father.

Hawthorne has now been convicted of first and second degree rape.

He has previous convictions for domestic assault and driving under the influence.


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