Pelosi insists border migrant crisis is under CONTROL as Ted Cruz blasts ‘outrageous’ Biden for ‘hiding’ amid chaos

NANCY Pelosi has insisted Joe Biden has immigration “under control” – while Ted Cruz accused him of “hiding” as the migrant crisis deepens.

“The Biden administration has this under control,” Pelosi said Friday during a conference at the Capitol – despite Border Patrol officials saying they’re “overwhelmed” by the influx of migrants at the US-Mexico border.

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Nancy Pelosi has backed Biden’s stance on immigration[/caption]


Border Patrol officials say they’re “overwhelmed” by the influx of migrants at the US-Mexico border[/caption]


Ted Cruz claimed ‘outrageous’ president Biden is ‘hiding’ while the crisis deepens[/caption]

Pelosi said Biden is approaching the migrants – including unaccompanied minors – in a more “humane” and “value based” way than former President Trump.

The speaker was quick to point out the transition between the two styles of leadership and governance will “take some time”.

“Humanitarian in its aspects. Pragmatic with a plan to get things done,” she continued.

“I think that the administration is pulling this thing under control, and I think it’s important to know that.”

However, Texas senator Ted Cruz today accused the president of “hiding” information after a request to bring reporters to an upcoming visit to the border by Senators was declined.

His comments come after a gun battle between rival cartel gangs broke out in a Texas town.


The influx of migrants at the US-Mexico border is said to be the biggest in nearly 20 years[/caption]


Ted Cruz is taking a group of Republican Senators to the border next week – but his request to bring media was declined[/caption]

Cruz tweeted: “No press. No cameras. What is Biden hiding?

“Next week, I’m bringing 15 senators to the border. DHS said NO to our request to bring media. Outrageous & unacceptable.”

He added: “I will continue to fight for press access so every American can see this crisis for themselves!

It comes after House lawmakers today passed an immigration bill that is set to pave the way for 2.5million undocumented migrants to gain US citizenship.

The American Dream and Promise Act, which was passed 228-197 with nine Republican votes, is a key priority for the Joe Biden administration.

But it comes amid a shocking surge in migrants and unaccompanied minors, with the US seeing the biggest influx in 20 years of migrants entering the country.


Republicans argue the latest bills passed in the House will only encourage more illegal border crossings[/caption]


The American Dream and Promise Act, which was passed 228-197 with nine Republican votes, is a key priority for Biden’s administration[/caption]

The legislation will give younger immigrants nicknamed “Dreamers,” who came to the United States illegally as children, protections against deportation and a pathway to citizenship.

The US Customs and Border Protection have recorded over 396,000 migrant crossings since October 1 last year.

About 4,500 children are in the custody of Customs and Border Protection, the majority of which are located at a facility in Donna, Texas.

Under Biden, more unaccompanied children are being allowed into the U.S. than under Trump, whose administration quickly expelled minors seeking entry.

Republicans argue the latest bills passed in the House would only encourage more illegal border crossings.

Hundreds of youths under 18 have been crossing the border with Mexico every day recently in what Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said was the largest influx of migrants in two decades.

The bills are “implicitly promising the next generation, all they have to do is get here and their turn will come,” Representative Tom McClintock said Tuesday during a meeting of the House Rules Committee, which sets the terms for floor debate on bills.


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