Pen Farthing news latest: Ex-marine announces his return to the UK on twitter as rescued dogs begin quarantine

PEN Farthing’s rescued dogs are adjusting to life in quarantine after jetting into Heathrow from Afghanistan this weekend.

The ex-Royal Marine yesterday said almost all of his 173 cats and dogs are lined up for loving new homes as he praised the “phenomenal” efforts of troops in getting his animals to Britain.

After landing, he took to Twitter to express his thanks for being evacuated out of Afghanistan.

However, on Monday he spoke of the need for less criticism and more action, as 68 Nowzad staff and dependants, including 25 children and one new-born baby, are still in the country.

Mr Farthing said: “We’d like to thank the Home Office, FCDO, MoD and all of Govt for their support with Op Ark, and look forward to working closely with them over the coming weeks whilst we complete our mission, getting those 68 people out of Afghanistan and back to safety. Whilst those vulnerable staff, mostly young women, remain in danger in Afghanistan, we shall not rest.

“In the same way that the MoD needs to be left alone to get on with the important work of evacuating staff and troops out of Afghanistan, likewise we need to focus on the second and most important part of Op Ark, getting those vulnerable vets and vet nurses and their children out of Kabul, rather than having to deal with ill-informed comments from MPs, the press and armchair pundits.”

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