During the funeral of John McCain, Donald Trump plays golf

Donald Trump has once again decoupled from the tribute to John McCain in going Saturday morning to one of his golf clubs near Washington, while standing in the u.s. capital for the funeral of a republican senator.

The president, Trump has left the White House at 10h35 local as Meghan, the daughter of Mr. McCain, made a moving tribute to his father in the cathedral of Washington, a few miles away.

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Ivanka Trump attended the funeral

“The America of John McCain does not need him to make his greatness because she has always been great”, she notably launched, laughing openly with the campaign slogan of Mr. Trump. This tirade was followed by a long burst of applause, while several relatives of Donald Trump, his daughter Ivanka, were in the cathedral. Almost at the same time, the president has left the White House, wearing one of her hats “MAGA”, (“Make America Great Again”, “Give back to America its greatness”).

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Mr. McCain had stated before his death that he did not wish that the president and Donald Trump attends her funeral, the two men who have never hidden their mutual contempt. The former business man has long waited to finally make a tribute direct to the man who was one of the few to criticize it openly, and vocally, in his own camp.

Mr. Trump was mocked on the status of war hero John McCain, wrought by five years of captivity and torture during the Vietnam war. “I love the people that have not been captured,” was launched in 2015 Donald Trump, who has not done military service.

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