Penis enlargement operations don’t work and could leave it SHORTER, experts warn

PENIS enlargement procedures leave most men worse off, a study warns  — and in some cases with their willies looking “butchered”.

Medics claim that far from boosting the average bloke’s size, the interventions risk leaving them with a deformed or shortened manhood, or impotent.

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Penis enlargement procedures leave most men worse off, a study warns  — and some even with their willies looking ‘butchered’[/caption]

Experts reviewed 17 studies and found that treatments to increase size, such as stretching devices, injections, vacuum pumps and surgery, often had poor outcomes.

Lead researcher and consultant urologist Gordon Muir said: “There is a significant risk of damage. Every year I treat a number of patients butchered by dodgy plastic surgeons.

“There are some real charlatans out there using techniques that don’t work and certainly harm men through their wallet, and can also harm their health.”

The most common procedures are injecting acid, fat or  silicone into the penis.


Ops to cut the ligaments at the base are also popular. That is said to make it look longer — but medics say it is no bigger erect.

The average penis is about five inches erect.

Around 85 per cent of women are happy with their partner’s dimensions, says the study by King’s College Hospital, London, in Sexual Medicine Reviews.

But nearly half of men still want a bigger todger.

Mr Muir said:  “Many men who wish to undergo en­large­ment procedures have an average-sized penis but believe their size to be inadequate. Sadly, some clinics seem to ignore this.”

And he said that many  do not warn of potential side­-effects. He added concerned men should see a counsellor, not “someone who wants to have a crack with a needle”.


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