Pentagon stabbing suspect Austin William Lanz shot HIMSELF with cop’s weapon after ‘unprovoked’ fatal attack, FBI says

THE stabbing death of a Pentagon cop outside the federal transit hub on Tuesday wasn’t provoked and it was revealed the alleged killer shot himself with the victim’s gun before other officers engaged.

George Gonzalez, 30, a Pentagon Force Protection Agency (PFPA) officer was patrolling the Pentagon Transit Center around 10:40am when he was ambushed by Austin Lanz, a former US Marine trainee who had exited a bus.

Pentagon Force Protection Agency

On Tuesday, Pentagon Police Officer George Gonzalez, 30, was killed when he was allegedly stabbed to death by 27-year-old Austin Lanz[/caption]


Lanz allegedly grabbed Gonzalez’s gun and turned it on himself before other Pentagon officers engaged[/caption]


The Pentagon was put on a temporary lockdown until after 12pm after Lanz allegedly stabbed Gonzalez to death[/caption]

Lanz and Gonzalez struggled before Lanz stabbed the officer reportedly in the neck and then shot himself with Gonzalez’s service weapon. 

“A struggle ensued, in which the subject mortally wounded Officer Gonzalez and then shot himself with the officer’s service weapon,” the FBI Washington Field Office disclosed in a series of tweets.

Fellow Pentagon police pursued Lanz and reportedly confronted Lanz. 

“Other PFPA officers engaged the subject, who ultimately died at the scene,” according to the FBI.

He was pronounced dead at the scene. 

PFPA Chief Woodrow Kusse confirmed assured that the agency is going to pore over the surveillance footage as part of its security review.

“There are a number of measures that we have in place out there. Every time an incident occurs, whether it’s here or anywhere else across the nation or in the world, we do after-action (reports) on those, we examine them, we look for things that we can do to improve,” Kusse said.


Lanz, 27, from Acworth, Georgia. During the struggle with Gonzalez, the FBI said Lanz shot himself with the officer’s weapon.

Other officers “engaged the subject,” according to the FBI. Lanz died at the scene.

A bystander was wounded injured in the attack and rushed to a nearby hospital and then released, according to the FBI.

Two individuals were captured on CCTV receiving CPR outside of the metro station after the incident.

The deadly attack put the U.S. military headquarters on a temporary lockdown and rattled the nation’s capital, already on edge since the Jan. 6 siege on the U.S. Capitol.

The lockdown was lifted after 12pm after the building was deemed secure.


Gonzalez was lauded as an Army veteran who served a tour in Iraq before joining the PFPA in 2018. 

“He took our mission of ‘protecting those who protect our nation’ to heart,” the PFPA stated. 

The agency described him as a “die-hard” Yankees fan who was “gregarious” and “well-liked and respected by his fellow officers.”

Relatives remembered the fallen law enforcement officer as someone who “devoted his life to serving his country,” according to a separate statement from the PFPA. 

“He was one of the good guys with a big heart, and we will miss him always,” it continued. 

Flags at the Pentagon would be flown at half-staff, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said. 

The White House also saluted Gonzalez for having “lost his life protecting those who protect the nation.”

Meanwhile, investigators were trying to learn more about the late Lanz.

The Acworth, Georgia native is suspected of getting off a bus before he charged at Gonzalez with the blade.


A pending case from April of this year had Lanz facing criminal trespass and burglary charges in Cobb County, Georgia. 

He also racked up a separate set of charges on the same day, including two counts of aggravated battery on police, a count of making a terrorist threat, and a charge for rioting in a penal institution.

But a judge reduced Lanz’s bail amount to $30,000 a month later with conditions that he submit to a mental health evaluation and avoid any illegal drug use. 

Lanz had enlisted in the US Marine Corps in October 2012, but officials there confirmed he “was administratively separated less than a month later and never earned the title Marine.”


Lanz was out on bail for a variety of criminal charges including aggravated battery on police when he was reportedly traveling on a bus[/caption]


Washington Metropolitan Police along with the U.S. Capitol Police, the Pentagon Force Protection Agency and other police departments salute as a ceremonial procession in honor of fallen Officer Gonzalez[/caption]


Lanz had stepped off a bus at the Arlington station before he allegedly attacked Gonzalez ‘without provocation’[/caption]



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