People are sharing the weirdest books found in charity shops… and we can’t get enough of Dancing With Cats

PEOPLE have taken to social media to share the most bizarre animal related books they have come across.

These unusual texts range from cats and dogs dancing to feline theories and bizarre copy questioning animal artistic flare.

One person – who goes under the Twitter name Moose Allain – instigated the thread when the account shared a photograph of the text Dancing With Cats, as well as its contents, which was found in a charity shop.

Alongside an image of the cover, which illustrates a furry feline on its hind legs dancing with a woman, Moose Allain tweeted: “We’re in a secondhand shop. Karen just found this”, before adding: “Bought it.”

The post encouraged others to share the books they have stumbled across over the years.

A separate account posted an image of their text Why Cats Paint?, which captured a fluffy cat drawing with its paw on the cover.

Another Twitter user posted a response to the book, which was titled the Most Dangerous Facts About ‘Why Cats Paint: A Theory of Feline Aesthetics’.

However, our favourite (and most amusing text) is Dancing with Cats by Burton Silver and Heather Busch, especially when the social media user decided to share the adorable imagery with the Twitter sphere.

Moose Allain posted images from Burton Silver’s text, which included an illustration of a woman rolling on the floor with her arms and legs in the air, replicating her tabby’s pose.

Another illustration captured a male painted with stripes on his body wearing a fake tail reaching out at a fluffy friend.

The upload attracted a lot of attention with over 900 likes and 157 retweets, and a string of comments from fellow social media users sharing their delight.

One commented on the post and joked: “Pawcasso or Clawed Monet?” and “Hungri Catisse.”

Another wrote: “This is amazing. Perhaps thread of the year?”

The post also encouraged other people to share the bizarre books they have stumbled across, which included a text titled Dancing With Dogs and Why Paint Cats?

While cat lovers may not be able to get their hands on a Dancing with Cats text, they can purchase a cats advent calendar. 

But the truly devoted pet owners may wish to get their animal tattooed on them. 

Meanwhile there are some people who try and help to rehome stray cats.


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