Pep Guardiola claims he’ll be a Mancunian for life and will never manage another English team after opening up on terror attack

PEP GUARDIOLA has insisted he is a Mancunian for life after opening up on his wife and daughter being caught up in the Ariana Grande concert bombing.

The Manchester City boss’ wife Cristina Serra and two daughters were at the arena and he was left with several agonising minutes of being unable to make contact.

Pep Guardiola and wife Cristina Serra have two daughters and a son together
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Fortunately, Guardiola’s family were safe but the 47-year-old paid tribute to those who were not as lucky, with 23 killed and many more injured.

He told BBC 5 Live: “When the attack happened, I was at home with my son, and my wife and daughters were there – they were at the arena.

“She called me but the line broke immediately. She told me ‘something happened and we are running but I don’t know what happened’ and the line broke.

“We tried to call her again and it didn’t work – we went to the arena and after five or six minutes she rang again and said: ‘We are out, we’re coming back home.’

“At the end we were lucky. Many people suffered, and we were lucky. Life is like this. We were in a better position than many unfortunate ones.”

Many people lost loved ones in the incident and Guardiola shared his sympathies

Guardiola insists he does not want to be remember on his trophy haul but rather the way his side play on the field.

He also insisted he could not manage another English team because of his love for the Citizens.

The former Barcelona and Bayern Munich chief added: “Statistics and numbers are nice, but numbers are not passion.

“It does not give you something. It is better to say after 10 years I remember this final and how well we played, to remember the way we have done it.

Manchester City have picked up where they left off last season with stylish football
Pep Guardiola insists he wants to be remembered for more than stats and trophies

“Titles are important of course, and they have helped me have jobs and to keep working on my passion.

“But I think all the managers we are happy with our old players, when we can laugh and hug and have a good relation. Everyone loves to be loved, it is the secret of our lives.

“I will be Mancunian for the rest of my life. I will be a Manchester City fan and it will be impossible to train another team like Manchester City in England because I feel love from the people here.”


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