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The perfume not only attracted insects without giant plant-eating dinosaurs, which in turn would have drawn in carnivorous monsters like T-Rex during the mid-war.

The great creatures had since 19659002]. This period saw the first flowering plants evolve, entomologist Professor George Poinar claims from Oregon State University for magazine Historical Biology.

He and his son Greg, an expert on scents, studied petals of prehistoric flowers that had been locked in amber, including an old acacia with a visiting bee who hit it.

The samples showed that the flowers had developed the special tissues needed to produce smells still used today.

The tissues secrete compounds released during flowering to attract creatures that contribute to pollination.

Poinar said: “Some of the dinosaurs could have discovered these smells of early flowers.

” Flowers produced smells to make them more attractive to pollinators long before people started using perfumes to make them more appealing to each other. “

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