Persona 5 isn’t coming to Nintendo Switch – a totally new Persona game is instead

NINTENDO Switch fans aren’t getting a port of Persona 5, as many had thought, but are instead getting a whole new Persona game.

Called Persona 5 Scramble, it is an action RPG being developed by Atlus and the studio behind the Dynasty Warriors games.

A brief teaser trailer for the game showed Persona 5’s hero fighting on Shibuya’s famous scramble crossing

It’s going to be out for PS4 as well, though we don’t know when yet.

A brief trailer showed a glimpse of the combat, showing the main character from Persona 5, Joker, fighting a horde of shadowy creatures as well as as an Archangel.

The Persona games have had a number of spin-offs in the past, including fighting games, but this will be the first action-RPG in the franchise’s long history.

Many Switch-owning Persona fans had been hoping that today’s reveal, teased as Persona 5: S, would be a version of the main game that would be playable on Nintendo’s console.

The news follows yesterday’s announcement that Atlus is going to release Persona 5: The Royal, a new expanded version of the game in Japan this October — and it’s going to arrive in the UK in 2020.

That game is only expected to be released on PS4.

The new character looks to be another student at Shujin Academy
Kasumi looks set to become a new Phantom Thief

It’s going to include a new character, new places in the game’s version of Tokyo to visit, and a new major enemy for the Phantom Thieves to defeat.

A new trailer was revealed at a huge Persona concert and fan event in Tokyo, with the western release confirmed shortly afterwards.

The trailer showed off the new character, Kasumi Yoshizawa, as well as hints at what’s to come in the game.

As well showing Kasumi in combat, showing she will be a member of the main party, it also showed her being integrated into the main game’s story.

The game’s website reveals she’s a gymnast who transferred to Shujin at the same time as the protagonist, and says she will be key to accessing the “new depths” of the game.

As well as adding to the main story, P5:R will also tell the next three months or so of the story, from Christmas to the end of March.

A new area of Tokyo, Kichijoji, will be accessible, as well as new locations for dates, and new minigames such as pool and darts.

You will be able to revisit familiar locations too
All the old cast is back, but with some new locations to explore and do battle in

The Japanese trailer for the game shows off what look to be new types of action and combat.

There are technical upgrades too. The graphics are getting an upgrade to take advantage of the PS4 Pro, and there will be new networking features.

A “co-op assist” option is also teased in a new screenshot for the game alongside the network features, but it’s not yet clear what this will entail.

Atlus had earlier promised a reveal of a number of “new projects” relating to Persona 5 with a teaser for Persona 5 R.

Fans have been waiting since the game came out in April of last year for news of a substantive follow-up or extra content for the game, with only rhythm-action game Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight to sustain them, along with some pretty cool spin-off clothing.

Scratch the surface, and screenshots also hint at some major changes for existing characters
New co-op an networking features promise to add another spin on the game

Persona 4 was the subject of two fighting game spin-offs, Persona 4: Arena and Persona 4: Arena Ultimax, and a Persona 5 equivalent is expected as well.

Rumours suggest, however, that the P5 Arena game won’t be here as soon as fans might like as it has been delayed by another project recently revealed by the likely developer, Arc System Works.

Fans hopes of a port to Nintendo Switch were raised when the game’s protagonist Joker was revealed as a downloadable character for Super Smash Bros — but official confirmation is still lacking.

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