Peta Todd on accepting change, avoiding the routine and her annual autumn clear-out

I’M afraid I am one of those women who will stand in front of a wardrobe bursting with clothes – unable to find something to wear.

On nights out when I was younger, my friends would be in a taxi on their way over, while I’d tried on everything I owned before announcing: “I’m not coming. I hate everything.”

Stewart Williams – The Sun

Peta Todd admits that she often has those ‘First World problems’ moments where nothing in your wardrobe seems right[/caption]

I was nothing if not dramatic – and would always go along in the end, defaulting to an “old faithful” outfit.

Usually, I would fall back on a denim waistcoat and ruched boob-tube.

I still have days like that: Oscar-winning blown-out-of-proportion days of real “First World problems”, when every item of clothing I put on finds a way of making me angsty or look dowdy.

A couple of years ago, I decided I would go through all my clothes once a year – around September, before winter sets in – and weed out the bits that no longer served me.


Now she does a yearly clear out and doesn’t keep anything that makes her feel bad or frumpy, or has been held on to from disco days past[/caption]

Anything I felt too old to wear would go and anything a “mum” couldn’t wear.

I know some people like to keep an item of clothing as a goal – something they can aim to wear again. But that’s not for me.

If it once made me feel bad or frumpy, or has been held on to from disco days past, it’s goodbye.

The first couple of culls were wishy-washy. I held on to stuff that held good memories or dresses that used to make me feel invincible, even if they now made me feel awkward.


She sets aside anything that her kids might like to dress up in or recycle one day, and donates the rest[/caption]

But now I’m a pro. I’m ruthless. I put aside anything I think might bring joy to my children to dress up in or recycle when that trend comes back around.

I make a pile of anything I think my BFFs might want. The rest goes on eBay, to a charity shop or to a women’s refuge.

It might sound silly but I wish I could apply this technique to more areas of my life. I think we often get stuck in routines that no longer meet our needs or make us feel our best selves.

We are scared to accept that as we grow up, we change.

Stewart Williams – The Sun

Sometimes you just need a reminder – it’s not that skintight denim waistcoat that makes you feel confident, it’s work, relationships and habits[/caption]

It’s not just the skintight denim waistcoat that no longer fits in with me or makes me feel confident. It’s work, relationships and habits.

So have a sort out and underneath the outfit that used to be your go-to gear for nights out – or the snakeskin trousers that haven’t done up in years – there may be some get-up that helps you take on the world.

Or at least something that helps you take on the school run or a day in the office.

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