Peta Todd talks her love of celebrating birthdays and making the most out of every memory with her family

THE mum-of-four talks family life in her weekly column. Today, Peta, married to cyclist Mark Cavendish, talks making the most of birthdays.

THIS week was Delilah’s seventh birthday. I love birthdays. Well, apart from my own.

Peta Todd
Peta Todd celebrates her daughter’s seventh birthday this week
Stewart Williams – The Sun

I am pretty sure I have managed to hate every birthday I have had, apart from two.

There was a fancy dress party as a child where everyone had to come as something “letter P themed”. I went as a glorious peacock in a creation my mum slaved over.

And then there was my tenth birthday. I had a disco and wore black silk shorts. Other than a boy in my class having an asthma attack due to dry ice, it was sublime.

Apart from those two, each birthday I have disliked.

Peta Todd
Peta says husband Mark is indifferent about all family occasions
Stewart Williams – The Sun

I am not sure when or why I began being anti my own “special day”. My mother feels the same about hers, so maybe it’s genetics foiling my celebrations.

I was honestly the most vile version of myself imaginable on my thirtieth.

Perhaps my issue is routed somewhere in a fear of ageing or just being a drama queen.

It probably isn’t aided by the fact I’m married to Mr Anti-Birthday himself.

Mark is pretty indifferent about all occasions which only highlights my need to celebrate everything to the max for others.

I think I have got even worse with celebrations as I’ve got older out of a strange fear that we don’t really know how many birthdays we might be lucky enough to celebrate.

But I know I must get the most out of every memory I can make.

This was magnified when I saw a friend of mine leave her two beautiful boys after a heartbreaking battle with cancer.

Peta Todd
Peta Todd makes the most out of birthday celebrations after losing a pal to cancer
Stewart Williams – The Sun

I saw her fight with every ounce of strength to see another birthday, Christmas or summer holiday and I vowed I would appreciate every single milestone I reached.

As I was blowing up balloons to fill sleeping Delilah’s bedroom so they were there for when she woke up, I was thinking about whether any of the kids would carry on the traditions we had created for birthdays with their own children.

Mark assured me the boys wouldn’t care, but I secretly think they will – or at least I hope they do.

I know Delilah will keep the fuss alive and well. She adores it and embraces us all coming together.

We both like the noise and energy of a full house, the mess of a gathering of friends and the washing up that means we all ate together.

So I will continue to make our house look like a church all filled with balloons and banners, I will continue to decorate the house for Easter and stay up all hours setting up Father Christmas footprints because they make me happy.

I am lucky to be able to share these moments, I know that for sure.



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