Pete Davidson has asked Ariana Grande for marriage the day they met

Last June, the singer Ariana Grande was surprised a few by announcing her engagement with Pete Davidson, a member of the troupe of “Saturday Night Live”. After only three weeks of relationship. Today, even if some consider their union a little too fast, the two lovers seem to be on a little cloud. Interviewed by the american magazine “GQ“, the actor 24-year-old is even allowed to go to some confidences, revealing the details of his crush on the singer. A love at first sight, since he had sought in marriage the day they met. “The day I met her, I told her “I’ll marry you tomorrow’,” says the young man. “She thought it was a bluff. I sent him a photo [engagement ring] to him saying, “do you like them ?” To which she replied “These are my favourite””. A few days later, here they are already engaged.

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The beginning of a new life

Pete Davidson also took the opportunity of this interview to talk about their life of young couples. For several weeks now, the couple is living peacefully in an apartment in new york bought by Ariana Grande for 16 million dollars. “She really is adorable. She told me, “This is your house” and I said, “You’re very nice to tell me that. Thank you for letting me live here”. And it gets me out, “We’re going to get married’,” says Pete, very grateful, on the races and pays the various bills. Very happy, the two lovebirds are now waiting for the big day to say “yes”. To wait, they take advantage of their new life and are currently in the process of decorating their apartment. “We learn to become adults. It is so much fun,” says the comedian, who absolutely do not regret this engagement precipitated.

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