Can we talk about money freely ?

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It claims to be in a time in which people communicate more freely. This appearance of freedom is due to the many means of communication that are at our disposal but are we as willing to speak freely on any subject ?

On the surface one might think that this is the case, it is enough to wander around on the social networks to see that people talk about all subjects, even the most scabrous, without any restriction. Yet it remains one that seems to still more or less taboo, especially in France : the money.

Say how much you earn, and compare his payslip with the nearby remains of the gardens are closely guarded secrets.

The French and money

Whereas in the anglo-saxon countries, spread with pleasure in his wealth, Hexagon we prefer to keep it all secret. Is this a legacy of the Miser by Molière or a strict application of the proverb : “to live happily, live hidden “, or a rejection post-revolutionary by the splendors of royalty ? Anyway, the relationship with money remains a real taboo, and the one who wins too much is very quickly shown the finger. During the previous five years we had a president who had said not to love the rich and now we have one that is called : “president of the rich “, that is to say, the complex relationship that we have with the money.

Talk about money

In the twenty-first century it should be possible to talk about money, say how much you earn, compare our salaries without being judged or jealously looked upon. Between a communist ideology, which sees of an evil eye all enrichment and a synonymous with unbridled capitalism where the profit motive becomes the only engine, there must be a middle ground. One in which each person is rewarded for his work regardless of his social condition without creating inimités. You should be able to say this one wins without being ill-perceived, or envied, away from prejudices.

Money games

If we do not dare to say this one wins so that this should not be a problem, it was even more wrong to say that the play money games. The French are fond of online casino games, sports betting and yet these are not subjects on which it spreads. How many times has one heard : “yes I play from time to time in the lottery” while the person who plays regularly. We feel obliged to hide the fact for fear of losing any social status. The company, particularly the French, has mistaken an addiction and a pleasure. This is not because someone is playing that it is necessarily dependent. The game is like anything else : you can do it in moderation or excess. But it is not necessary to put everyone in the same bag and most importantly change our view on money.

Free speech

It is by changing our point of view on the money that we will be able to speak quietly. It must be free of all the ideologies or religions that take a dim view of personal enrichment in order to consider that this is finally a subject as one that does not deserve to be a state secret.

Can we talk about money freely ?

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