Peyton Manning Would Win Any Political Office In Tennessee, Says U.S. Congressman

Peyton Manning Would Win Any Office In Tennessee … Says U.S. Congressman


Governor, Senator, Congressman, Mayor … Peyton Manning could be any of these things in Tennessee, this according to a representative from the state who says PM would win any office by a landslide.

We spoke with John Duncan, a 15-term incumbent representative from Tenn’s 2nd district, and asked him how Manning would fare if he ever jumped into politics.

“If Peyton Manning ran for any office in Tennessee, he could win by a landslide.”

BTW — Duncan is serious, and it’s not out of the question. There were big-time rumors last year that Peyton was thinking about running for a Senate seat, but Duncan isn’t sure it’ll happen.

“I think he’s made so much money off his football career and his advertising and so forth that it’d be a step down for him to be elected to some office.”

Maybe … but still, we all want leaders that can improvise on the fly, and who does that better than Peyton, right?


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