Phillip Schofield insists that he and Holly Willoughby WEREN’T in trouble with bosses for Gemma Collins comments

PHILLIP Schofield has insisted that he and Holly Willoughby DIDN’T get told off by ITV bosses for their comments about Gemma Collins.

Gemma had previously claimed that the pair got into trouble for criticising her Dancing On Ice professionalism on This Morning last week, but Phil, 56, has now hit back at her comments – speaking out on what actually happened.

Phil has insisted that neither he or Holly were told off for their comments about Gemma
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Speaking to Radio Times, the TV presenter said: “No, we weren’t in trouble [for calling Gemma unprofessional] at all.”

Remaining diplomatic, he added: “What’s lovely is that it’s fantastic telly, it’s great to watch and I am so thrilled that Gemma is out there and doing it.”

Speaking to The Mirror, 37-year-old Gemma previously demanded a public apology as she claimed: “I’ve been told on the rumour mill that Phil and Holly have been told off, but a public apology would go a long way.”

The Towie star was left fuming when Phil and Holly questioned her professionalism ahead of last Sunday’s live show.

Gemma previously demanded a public apology from the pair
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Holly, 37, said at the time: “I love Gemma and she’s great on the show. But there has to be a bit of professionalism that comes into any work you do.”

Phil added: “The entire studio was standing there waiting.

“‘Where is Gemma?’’ for five, 10 minutes… ‘Oh she’s having a nap.’”

Despite initially saying that Holly and Phil’s comments could cost her place on the ITV competition, a source recently told us that she had shifted her focus from the presenters to judge Jason Gardiner, who she locked horns with on Sunday night after he slammed her in an interview with The Sun during the week.

Gemma has shifted her focus onto judge Jason Gardiner

An insider told us that although the pair didn’t apologise, Gemma is happy to move on from their feud.

The source said: “Gemma hasn’t got an apology from Phil or Holly yet, but she’s happy to let it go and concentrate on the skating now.

“She wants to move on from the row with Holly and Phil, especially as she’s now wrapped up in a new feud with Jason Gardiner.”

And it was he who got Gemma’s full wrath at the weekend.

Gemma lashed out at Jason live on air
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After the star’s performance, Jason said: “I know you were channelling Marilyn Monroe… There wasn’t any elegance like you were saying in the VT.

“She has to be elegant. She is a woman in control of her femininity. You were all over the place, hun.

“There’s not enough skating. This is your second skate now. You need to up the ante. We’re not going to see big lifts from you. We’re not going to get any impressive moves.”

Before he could continue, Gemma interjected and fumed: “Can I just say one thing? Maybe if you didn’t sell stories on me, I wouldn’t have been so upset this week.

“So take that! Boring, boring! Don’t sell stories on me.”

When Jason tried to argue back she told him to “shut up” and started shouting that he was “boring.”

Jason told the television personality: “This doesn’t help your cause. It shows you’re just a brat. Listen to what we’re saying.”

While viewers at home took to social media to share their disbelief at what was unfolding, host Phil interjected and moved the comments along to Jason’s fellow judge Jayne.

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