Phones are debuting with Android 9 Pie to get recovery protection

All smartphones and tablets that start with Android 9 Pie will have rollback protection, a feature that Google introduced the first time with Android 8.0 Oreo last year. As the first discovery by XDA Developers, Google’s formulation distinguishes the function requirements based on whether manufacturers want to upgrade their devices running Oreo to Android 9 Pie or implement the latest iteration of the mobile operating system in their upcoming products. In practice, the change will force all handset manufacturers to adopt Android Verified Boot 2.0 in their future operating systems, with the specific framework that is the technology behind the firmware rewind protection protocol.

As the name suggests, the functionality is meant to prevent users from downgling their operating system versions by stopping devices from restarting if the new Verified Boot utility detects a previous firmware building flashed on them. While many handhelds launched with Oreo lack the feature, Google has adopted it with the Pixel 2 series, as well as OnePlus with OnePlus 6. Some other manufacturers like Samsung use first-rate solutions like Knox to prevent downgrading of the OS. Immediately after its Monday announcement, Android 9 Pie began rolling out to all Pixel series and Essential PH-1, with more smartphones that will follow later in the summer.

The gradual way Google introduced rollback protection and made it mandatory for OEM users reminiscent of the launch of Project Treble, originally an Android 8.0 Oreo feature that was only necessary to be supported by devices that drove Oreo out of the box, but not the which was upgraded to Oreo from any version of Nougat. The special functionality has also been designed as a comprehensive solution to make the company’s ecosystem more secure and comes in the form of a revised Android framework that will help manufacturers to develop and test OS updates as security spots in a timely fashion and make Android platform less fragmented. Rollback protection is actually addicted to Project Treble and can not work without it in practice. Google spends better on the last twelve months, encouraging OEM manufacturers to embrace both solutions as quickly as possible to make their devices easier to support. 19659004]
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