Photos – 5 years from prince George : pictures of the most cute of the son of Kate and William

God save the prince ! Twenty-first century forces, Kensington Palace is very active on social networks. Another means to create a proximity between the Palace and the English… but also with the rest of the admirers of the crown in the world. At every major event, an official picture was unveiled. Then, of course, for the five years of George, the Palace has unsheathed its most beautiful shot of the older brother of Kate and William.

Sunday, July 22, the prince George, son of prince William and Kate Middleton, blow its fifth candle. “The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are very pleased to share a new photo of prince George to mark his fifth anniversary. Thank you all for your lovely message,”wrote Kensington Palace in the legend of the cliché unveiled for the occasion.

On the photo, taken by Matt Porteous, we see the little prince standing against a wall, hands in the back. Wearing a small white blouse and blue and a blue trousers, George is staring at the lens. The sweetest rest, no doubt, his gigantic smile, showing a line of teeth. On Instagram, the publication has been likée more than one million times in nearly 24 hours.

In fact, it is almost every week that we may marvel at the photos of the kids of the royal family. George himself is never stingy with smiles, grimaces and other somersaults. For our greatest happiness… Happy birthday, George !

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