Photos – Anne Hidalgo : his son, Arthur crosses the Channel to the swim

He wants to cross the English Channel to swim… and he has a good reason to do so. In addition to the desire to beat the record of the youngest French to cross the sea that separates France from the United Kingdom, Arthur Germain-Hidalgo, son of the mayor of Paris,Anne Hidalgo, wants to achieve this feat for the good cause. The young man, passionate about swimming, has launched a prize pool money online to fund his project and he wanted to donate half of its donations to the NGO Africa Full of Future, which promotes access to education in sub-saharan Africa. After a first staggered start because of the weather, Arthur Germain-Hidalgo has plunged into the great bath – in every sense of the term – Tuesday, July 24.

In order to make a living for his crossing to the greatest number, Arthur Germain-Hidalgo, as a good millennial, sharing many pictures and videos of their challenge on social networks. On his Twitter account, the teenager of 16 years – or rather its community manager for a day – has immortalized his challenge. “The Channel swim as if you were there”, can we read. 35 kilometers, 10 hours of swimming. A feat worthy of a great sportsman which he had long prepared. “It is a dream of a child”, he told BFMTV. “Since my 10-11 years old, I was watching people crossing the Channel. It is a desire also to come out of the pools, I wanted new challenges. I’ve done about 10km per day for the past two months, I have also prepared a resistance to the cold by taking cold showers, bathing in water at 20 degrees.” Fortunately, Arthur can count on the support of his mother. “She was afraid for me, but my parents are indispensable in my preparation.”

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  1. And they’re also meant to be keeping hush-hush about their appointment.

    But when the News of the World approached them about their new employers, Victoria beamed: “I’m happy. I think they are nice.”

    That’s that one gone out the window then.

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