Photos – check out the face of the new Marianne, unveiled by Emmanuel Macron

She is THE symbolic figure of the French Republic. Long hair, a phrygian cap iconic, with reference to the revolution, and, most often, a roundel of blue-white-red colours of France : for centuries, the one called Marianne embodies the values of the Republic in the same way that the motto “Freedom, Equality, Fraternity.” Symbol republican, an icon of freedom and democracy, the Marianne is dear to the French. It must be said that it intersects well often : in the town halls, government buildings or on government documents, coins and even stamps. This Thursday, July 19, the president of the Republic Emmanuel Macron has unveiled the portrait of the new Marianne, that you may see on the new stamp is available from Monday 23 July.

The timing is well chosen : five days after the national day, four after the victory of the Blues at the world Cup 2018, the French seem to be more than ever attached to the values and other symbols representing the country. Emmanuel Macron has revealed this Thursday, “a fresco depicting Marianne painted on the facade of a building in the neighbourhood of Toulon to Perigueux, before visiting the printing of the stamp of Boulazac, where the new postage stamps bearing the effigy of Marianne are in the process of being produced”, reports France Bleu Périgord. “More than 300 million have already been printed and are being shipped to all points of sale.” The new Marianne appears in profile, the wavy hair falling on the nape of the neck, raised by the wind with, of course, a phrygian cap and his cockade on the head.

Like all presidents, Emmanuel Macron, has selected the drawing that will represent the face of the Republic during his quinquennium. It is this time of a work d’Yseult Digan (Yz), an artist active on the scene street item According to the information of BFMTV, the head of State wished “to present a Marianne of the Twenty-first century, modern and representative of the youth of France (…) carried out by a woman herself.” A choice feminist ? It is called in any case, “Marianne the committed.”

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