Photos – Dennis Quaid undergone a metamorphosis through aesthetic surgery

Two years ago, Meg Ryan seemed literally transformed. To the point that many wondered if she hadn ‘t forced too much on the cosmetic surgery.

Forehead and chin perfectly smooth, her cheekbones overly swollen, lips plumped, for some there was no doubt: the actress ( When Harry met Sally seemed to have worn out (or even abused) injections ofhyaluronic acid. Some wondered where had gone his little nose, so charming.

His fans were afflicted to no longer recognize the face that had seduced in theInner Adventure, where Meg Ryan played alongside her ex-husband Dennis Quaid, with whom she formed the most glamorous couple of Hollywood in the 1990s. This is him today that seems to have had recourse to turn to the services of a surgeon. And after all, he does what he wants.

Face starched and immaculately ironed, my eyes drawn. To get an idea of the changes made, just take a look at the recent photos of the NBC , which asked him to discuss his next film in which he will play the role of Ronald Reagan . Disappeared, as if by magic, strokes, tired, fine lines and expression wrinkles. Such as Meg Ryan, Dennis Quaid would he have succumbed to the charms of the fountain of youth? That is a feather flock together, or separate.

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Credit: NBC

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