Photos – The Blues celebrate their victory with their wives

They have been caught up in a whirlwind of joy since Sunday at the moment where the referee has blown the final whistle of a match that has world champions of the football world 2018. 20 years after the first victory of the blues in France, the French team selected by Didier Deschamps has ended with success weeks of fierce competition in Russia.

This Monday, the blues have a parade on the Champs Elysées by bus in front of the crowd of tens of thousands of people cheering came the cheer and they were received at the Elysée by the president of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron and his wife. The president had made the trip to Russia for the semi-finals and the final before hosting the blues and the famous cup in France at the Elysée. Then each player went on to receive a tribute in their native lands. Hugo Lloris at Nice, Benjamin Pavard in Jeumont, Antoine Griezmann in Macon. Since the victory, they are accompanied by their womenfolk and their children, for those who have, with which they share the joy of a historic moment.

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