Picnic at the beach {Vegan}

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So today I propose you an article in connection with the Challenge kitchen #92  on topic :

Pic Nique à la plage {Vegan}

Of which I am a part of the jury with also


Today, I offer you what I have prepared for a picnic at the beach a few days ago

The recipe is simple, but that change sandwiches, and almost zero waste

In the morning I started by preparing A banana Cake, bananas and dried fruit

I’ve put into it

2 beautiful bananas

200ml plant milk

160g of brown sugar

60g olive oil

300g plain flour

1 packet of baking powder

100g of chocolate

60g mixture of dried fruits (hazelnuts/almonds/cashew/Pecan)

Pic Nique à la plage {Vegan}

We start by putting the oven to preheat to 180°C

One peels the banana and crush it well (then press it mashed me faciilte life, but a fork that works well too…rofl)

Pic Nique à la plage {Vegan}

We add the plant milk, the sugar and the oil

We mix

Pic Nique à la plage {Vegan}

Then we add the dry ingredients : the flour and the baking powder

we mix using a wooden spoon to pack down the pa^te

Just enough so that flour is well integrated

Pic Nique à la plage {Vegan}

We cut the chocolate into chunks and added and es dried fruits to the dough

We mix to distribute

Pic Nique à la plage {Vegan}

Pour the batter into a pout cake of oiled

And it bakes for 45 minutes to 1 hour until tip of knife comes out dry when the plant in

Once cooked leave to cool completely

Pic Nique à la plage {Vegan}

As soon as it has been cold, I unmolded, I cut it in slice and put in a towel to transport it (to avoid waste)


During this time, I prepared A Quiche zucchini curry

Pic Nique à la plage {Vegan}

To do it, I used a recipe that I have already published on e blog HERE

I just made some changes

I used puff pastry and ready-made that I did pre-bake 5 minutes at 180°C

And I used corn starch instead of chickpea flour (but in the same proportion)

I put it to cook in the oven at the same time as the banana cake history of not light and use the oven too long given the heat

Pic Nique à la plage {Vegan}

Once well browned and the dough is cooked, left to cool (hence the fact that I prepared early in the morning)

And it is cut into small squares to enjoy more easily

At the last moment I just prepared mini sandwiches of cucumber

Pic Nique à la plage {Vegan}

I spread a spread at the bear’s garlic (brand vitaquell) on slices of bread

I cut cucumber slices pretty thin as I asked above

I covered it with another slice of bread that I had also spread some

Pic Nique à la plage {Vegan}

Eventually, I cut into 4 triangles

Pic Nique à la plage {Vegan}

I kept them stacked in a tea towel

And as a final preparation, I made a hummus with a big box of chickpeas, 2 tablespoons of tahin, lemon juice, 2 small cloves of garlic, a drizzle of olive oil, 1 c to c of cumin and a little water (in the end I put in 1/2 a glass of water)

I put everything in the blender and mixed until the dough is nice and smooth

If it is too thick, do not hesitate to add a little water

I put it in a tupperware and I seasoned (salt and pepper) for my taste

Pic Nique à la plage {Vegan}

To finish off, I cut a melon and 1/2 watermelon into cubes that I put in tupperwares

As well as the rest of the cucumber that I cut into sticks for dipping in hummus, and I took the cherry tomatoes from the garden

Pic Nique à la plage {Vegan}

And here’s the final result

The raw, the cooked, the greedy and the color

We feasted..With the heat it was perfect

And you, what are your favorite dishes for pics picnics?

Good day !!



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