Piers Morgan blasts Jack Shepherd’s Georgian lawyer

The lawyer of speedboat killer Jack Shepherd today vowed to fight his extradition as she said the fugitive ‘does not consider himself guilty.’

Mariam Kublashvili, who is representing the fugitive in Georgia, told Good Morning Britain the convicted killer is afraid of ‘violence and danger’ in British prisons after threats were made against him and his family. 

She faced strong criticism from Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid who asked why she was not telling her client to return home and face justice.

But the lawyer told ITV Shepherd ‘does not consider himself guilty’ because he ‘could not save or avoid’ the River Thames crash which killed Charlotte Brown, 24. 

Piers Morgan said to the lawyer: ‘Your client was found guilty of manslaughter, convicted in a British court of killing a young woman. He fled the country to avoid justice – why are you not instructing him to come straight back to this country and serve the senescence he was given?’

Ms Kublashvili told the show today: ‘First I want to express my condolences to family of Charlotte Brown and tell them that I understand how they feel I am a human and a mother.

‘I would like to underline that I understand their grief.

‘Jack does not consider himself guilty the direct cost of Charlotte’s death he could neither save her nor avoid the accident that has unfortunately happened.

‘As for extradition, he has a fear that in British prison he will face violence and danger and that is a problem for him a threat was made against his family against his lawyers against me two days before and that is a problem.’ 

The father of Jack Shepherd’s victim has blasted bizarre claims that the speedboat killer may have married the young woman who died during their first date.

The 31-year-old reportedly told his Georgian lawyer that he wanted a future with Charlotte Brown, 24, before she was killed after he took her on his faulty speedboat on the River Thames.

Ms Kublashvili claimed: ‘He said to me, ‘I wanted with this girl a future, a family and maybe she will be my wife’.’ But her furious father, Graham Brown, has hit out at the outlandish suggestion pointing out that he married his long term fiancée just weeks after his daughter’s death.

The 55-year-old said: ‘He was so serious about my daughter that he went out and married another woman?

‘My daughter would have soon got the measure of Shepherd. It was a first date, my daughter had been in a long-term relationship for four years.

‘She was too smart and would soon have seen through him,’ he told the Sunday People.

But Miss Kublashvili, a former model who starred on the Georgian version of Strictly Come Dancing, insisted that although it was their first date, Shepherd was ‘serious’ about his victim.

She insisted that he was desperate to meet Miss Brown’s family to apologise and explain what happened, adding: ‘He said, ‘We had feelings for each other and then she died’.’

Shepherd, who had entertained at least ten other women on his faulty speedboat before Miss Brown’s death, abandoned his wife and child to escape his manslaughter trial last year.

The latest claim from his Georgian legal team comes after they released images of the speedboat killer with his wife and new-born son in an attempt to paint him as a ‘normal’ family man.

The smirking killer has also claimed to have been left suicidal and depressed by the death despite starting a new relationship with a glamourous TV journalist within weeks of arriving in Georgia.

Mr Brown said: ‘Jack Shepherd could have apologised at the trial. That’s where he should have been saying all these things he’s saying now.

‘But he chose to abscond from his trial instead of giving evidence. That was his decision and that was the time to apologise. I don’t particularly welcome his apology now.’ He added: ‘The fact that he married two months after the death of my daughter, the fact that he absconded to Georgia and hasn’t seen his wife and baby for the best part of a year, I’ll leave the public to draw their own conclusions.’

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