Piers Morgan defends Captain Tom Moore’s Barbados trip and slams ‘vermin’ on Twitter for turning on Covid-stricken hero

FURIOUS Piers Morgan has savaged the “disgusting vermin” on Twitter who turned on Sir Captain Tom Moore as he battles coronavirus in hospital.

Piers, 55, stopped short of swearing at trolls live on Good Morning Britain today after they mocked the national hero’s deadly diagnosis and claimed it was linked to recently holiday in Barbados.

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Piers Morgan raged at Sir Captain Tom Moore’s twitter trolls who turned on the Covid-stricken star

Piers raged: “If your first thought when you hear Sir Captain Tom Moore is fighting coronavirus in hospital, is to troll him and his family you should take a look at yourself.

“Because they took a perfectly legal trip of a lifetime and we have no idea it had anything to do with his subsequent illness two months later. That’s a matter for the family they did nothing wrong.

“These anonymous cretins I see them turn on Sir Captain Tom Moore, abusing and mocking him who saved this country from the Nazis, who aged 99 raised millions for the NHS and motivated all of us and inspired all of us. For these disgusting vermin to be abuse and mock his family at such a moment, where there are serious concerns about his life, is utterly contemptible.

“What have we become when that is the gut reaction of so many people on social media sitting at home thinking, ‘I know, why don’t I abuse him.’


Captain Tom is in hospital after testing positive for coronavirus [/caption]

AP:Associated Press

Boris Johnson, pictured today in Batley, said he spoke to Captain Tom’s family last night[/caption]

Piers continued: “Why don’t you get off your slovenly backsides and do something, raise thousands.

“You selfish little…. I won’t say the word but you know what you are.

“Anyway, we wish all the very best to Captain Tom from every decent person in the country, we’re sending all of our thoughts and prayers your way.”

The fundraising 100-year-old‘s family have been called to his bedside as he struggles to breath, after being admitted to hospital on Sunday.

The Prime Minister spoke to his family on Sunday evening and described the war hero as an “inspiration” because of his efforts during the pandemic.

He told Sky News: “I spoke to the family last night and all I can say is Captain Tom Moore has been an inspiration to everybody in this country during this pandemic.

“I think our thoughts and our prayers are now with him and with his family.”

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace wished Captain Tom Moore a “very speedy recovery”.

Mr Wallace told defence questions in the House of Commons: “I’d like to take the opportunity on behalf of everyone in defence to send Captain Sir Tom Moore our best wishes for his recovery from Covid.

“He continues to be an inspiration to us all and embodying the trust, courage and team spirit – which is the motto of the Army Foundation College, in Harrogate, of which he is the honorary colonel.

“From the newest recruit upwards, we all wish him a very speedy recovery.”


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