Piers Morgan fans fear he’ll develop ‘gout’ as he drinks red wine and eats rabbit in ‘vegan resistance post’

PIERS Morgan upped his vegan resistance on Wednesday with boozy meal – but fans warned he could develop “gout”.

The Good Morning Britain host, 53, dined on a meal fit for a king, consisting of roast rabbit and a chalice of red wine.

Piers Morgan's fans warned him about the dangers or developing 'rich person's disease' gout
Piers Morgan’s fans warned him about the dangers or developing ‘rich person’s disease’ gout

Piers captioned his Instagram post with sarcasm, and scoffed: “Continuing my #dryjanuary & #veganuary resistance… delicious rabbit & Italian red.”

Gout is a type of arthritis linked to obesity, diabetes and fatty diets, and some fans were convinced he is at high risk, as one follower hit back: “Gout may only be a couple of years away then you won’t see the funny side.”

Another wrote: “Gout here I come wheee!!!”

Piers Morgan has raged war on vegans everywhere
Piers Morgan has declared war on vegans everywhere
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Piers Morgan
Piers was warned about gout, which makes joints swell and is caused by drinking alcohol and eating rich foods

One more said: “enjoy your gout”

However, one bemused fan had never heard of the disease, which results in painful swelling around the body, and said: “What is Gout????”

Meanwhile, other fans praised him for taking a stand against rowdy vegans and a fan wrote: “Keep fighting the good fight Piers.”

As another quipped: “Beats a greggs sausage roll lol”

Piers Morgan
Piers even set up a meat stall at work

Piers didn’t hold back recently when he debated with three ‘militant vegans’.

He thought they were hypocritical, if they didn’t protest their own family eating meat but were happy to storm into restaurants and supermarkets with placards.

As the women – who also campaigned in a local supermarket against people buying turkeys – all tried to dodge the question, Piers repeated it relentlessly.

Piers didn’t hold back during the debate

He added: “There’s a point to the question. My point being, if your family members eat meat, why are you not stampeding into their rooms when they’re eating their Christmas turkeys and protesting at your own families?”

As the women said they do have those debates with their loved ones, Piers shot back: “So over Christmas lunch you’ll all be standing there with your placards in your own homes will you?

“Playing cows being slaughtered?”


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