Piers Morgan left fuming as Susanna Reid repeatedly INTERRUPTS him in ‘violent women’ rant on Good Morning Britain

PIERS Morgan was left fuming earlier today when Susanna Reid repeatedly interrupted him during a rant about “violent women”.

The star got a taste of his own medicine as 48-year-old Susanna admitted that she was using Piers’ own presenting methods against him – leaving co-host Kate Garraway in hysterics.

Piers was left fuming as Susanna continued to interrupt him

The incident occurred during the pair’s opening chat on Good Morning Britan today, with 53-year-old Piers lashing out at Killing Eve producer Phoebe Waller-Bridge for saying that it is “empowering to see violent women on TV”.

The notoriously outspoken star moaned: “Imagine if a man said this: ‘Seeing men be violent is refreshing and oddly empowering’.

“Imagine if a man said that? Imagine what would happen to him? Imagine if I said that?”

Confused Susanna replied: “Wait a minute, don’t you say that about James Bond? You say that about 007, that it’s empowering and manly, and when he wears the papoose it is disempowering and feminising.”

Susanna wouldn’t let her co-host finish his sentence

Piers initially denied the comments, retorting: “Wait, wait – I haven’t finished yet. I didn’t say that… There’s no context.”

However, Susanna wouldn’t let him finish his sentence, interrupting him every time he started to speak saying: “You do.”

Getting increasingly fed-up, exasperated Piers snapped: “Can I finish or not?”

Susanna then let him continue a little bit more, but as Piers started to slam Killing Eve the brunette beauty began to interrupt him again.

The star couldn’t help but giggle as she antagonised Piers

Piers rolled his eyes and muttered: “I can’t say anything, can I?”

Susanna hit back: “Welcome to my world!”

Piers continued: “I’m trying to explain and you won’t let me.

Piers was clearly irritated by Susanna’s antics

“Do something other than interrupting every two seconds.

“It’s pretty ironic from someone who, in every interview she gives, says ‘I wish he’d stop interrupting me.’”

Susanna then changed her tactics, refusing to speak for the rest of the segment until Richard Arnold broke the tension by changing the topic back to the vegan pies they had been discussing earlier – with Susanna congratulating the star for his Celebrity Apprentice stint.

Susanna has criticised Piers for interrupting her on the ITV breakfast programme multiple times in the past, even slamming her co-host live on air when he spoke over her while she spoke to guest Lior Suchard.

As Piers tried to change the topic, Susanna seethed: “I am actually speaking!” putting the controversial star in his place.

Viewers at home were left outraged by Piers’ incessant interruptions, admitting that they didn’t know how Susanna “put up” with it.

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