Piers Morgan reveals he’ll leave Good Morning Britain after his new two-year contract ends

PIERS Morgan has revealed he’ll QUIT Good Morning Britain after his new two-year contract comes to an end.

He revealed he’s signed a new deal with Good Morning Britain on Twitter last night – but insisted today that he’ll leave when it expires.

Piers Morgan revealed he’ll leave Good Morning Britain after his new two-year contract ends

But the 54-year-old insisted his days fronting the ITV breakfast show are numbered.

The mouthy host admitted he’s only got two more years left in him as he told viewers just after 6am today: “I’ve got two more years.

“Two more years of stories… anyway that’s it, two more years and then I’ll sail off into the sunset.”

Piers added later on in the show: “And I guarantee then I’ll be out.”

The legendary journalist also moaned that his co-host Susanna Reid didn’t appear thrilled over his contract news today, telling viewers: “My tweet (last night) went down well, thank you people.

Susanna pretended not to be delighted that she has Piers for two more years
Richard pulled a grumpy face at the news

“I know how pleased you were. Slightly underwhelmed by the response from my colleagues. The viewers are euphoric. My co-workers are wrestling with it.”

He continued: “I’ve seen more cheerful people in a mausoleum.”

Piers has been snapped up by ITV for the daytime TV show as well as two further series of Life Stories.

The Brit presenter – who often divides viewers with his outspoken nature and views – has seen ratings soar since joining GMB with Susanna.

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Piers joked he was disappointed that Susanna Reid didn’t appear thrilled over his contract news[/caption]

Updating fans on social media, Piers said on Twitter last night: “*BREAKING NEWS* After weeks of frenzied global, possibly galactic speculation, I’m delighted to announce I’ve just signed a new 2-year deal with ITV to co-present @GMB & two more 5-part series of Life Stories.

“What could be a better Christmas present for the nation?”

It’s thought Piers was locked in tough negotiations with the channel in recent months as his contract came to an end.

Just has been dropping hints about his contract running out for weeks.

Yesterday, he said to producers live on the show: “If I haven’t signed my contract I’m out of here on Wednesday.

“You’ve got three days to get me to sign it or otherwise I’m gone. Come January 6 I’ll be on a beach somewhere, LA probably.”

After finishing hosting GMB with Susanna, Piers made the announcement on Twitter that he’s staying put for two years.

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One fan said: “Rejoice at this news ….can this week get any better???? Oh and @kategarraway is back too !!!”

Another added: “Ha ha. You got the last laugh. ITV knows an audience pleaser when they see one.”

A third wrote: “Couldn’t live without you.”

Viewers launched a petition to keep Piers on the show after some critics wanted him fired when he declared he was identifying as a penguin.


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