Piers Morgan shouts at guest so loudly Susanna Reid has to put her fingers in her ears as star goes berserk on GMB

PIERS Morgan furiously shouted at a Good Morning Britain guest so loudly that Susanna Reid had to stick her fingers in her ears.

He let rip at Terry Christian when a Brexit debate got out of hand on this morning’s show.

Piers Morgan got into a heated argument with a guest on today’s Good Morning Britain

The 54-year-old attempted to put the Celebrity Big Brother star in his place by reading out a Tweet he’d written about wanting those who vote Leave dead.

Terry wrote: “Brexiteers deserve all the job losses and hardship heading their and their families way.

“All those tough Christmases ahead for their kids, all their ‘short-term pain’. I but I will get behind it in the future, by buying a big issue off the pitiable saps.”

He later deleted it, claiming it was because people who sell the Big Issue aren’t “pitiable saps”.

Things suddenly became heated with Susanna telling Piers to stop shouting.

Terry Christian agrees with Hugh Grant that Britain is ‘finished’ because of Brexit
Susanna Reid stuck her fingers in her ears because of the loud shouting

Piers said: “The pity is, Terry, is that rather like Hugh Grant you love talking down the country,

“People who voted Brexit don’t need people like you to say OAPs voted Brexit to die of flu.

“You wish people dead because they voted Brexit? You’re wishing old people dead because they voted Brexit!

“And you talk about Britain being finished?”

A row broke out in the Good Morning Britain studio

Terry continued to shout over him and asked “what are you going to do?” and Piers exclaimed: “I’m not going to wish them dead. I’m going to respect their right to have a view in this great country we live in.”

Piers then cut ranting Terry – who denied saying he wanted Brexiteers dead – off mid-sentence, saying: “We’ve got to leave it there.”

Susanna ended the interview by telling Terry: “Do you know what? I think lots of people would have sympathy with your argument, but I don’t think they’re going to have sympathy with the way you’re making it.”

Terry smirked and said “well…” before Piers continued on with the show.


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