Pippa Middleton looking radiant alongside James Matthews, she shows her baby bump at a festival (PHOTOS)

Pippa Middleton is leading the life ! The young woman has a lovely round belly to a festival with her husband James Matthews.

Lately, Pippa Middleton has multiplied public appearances ! Fan of tennis, the young woman attended Roland-Garros and at Wimbledon, just after being noted at the baptism of prince Louis. Pippa Middleton was radiant in the side of Kate Middleton, prince William and the entire royal family for this very special event. In short, if its famous big sister has not had pregnancies with ease, the wife of James Matthews is doing very well, as she said recently : “I’ve had the chance to take the exam for 12 weeks without suffering from morning sickness. This meant that I was able to continue as usual.” And indeed, it remains active !

In fact, as we can see on the photos published by the website Pure People, Pippa Middleton and her husband have decided to go to the Festival of Speed of Goodwood, an event dedicated to enthusiasts of Formula 1. Knowing the past of pilot James Matthews, we were not surprised to see them attend this festival ! According to a festival as this, the couple was very relaxed : “They looked very relaxed and well between them. They looked like any other couple. No one has really tilté that it were them. It is only when she walked right in front of me than I realized. I went to ask him if we could take a picture, but she declined. She was extremely nice, this being“. And if we could already see the cute baby bump of Pippa Middleton at Wimbledon, it was even more evident during this event ! We love to see it if fulfilling.

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