Pippa Middleton stylish, Meghan Markle is inspired by it and it is successful (PHOTOS)

Pippa Middleton has shown on numerous occasions, she has style ! And it would appear that it has even inspired Meghan Markle.

When Pippa Middleton will she give birth ? The latest news, the sister of Kate Middleton could give birth earlier than expected to her first child, and not in the month of October as predicted in the media. One thing is for sure, the young woman does not seem to want to give more details about it to the public. Yet the wife of James Matthews likes to talk about his daily mom ! She said that she would continue to do sports for as long as possible and was modeled including the athlete Serena Williams, who has continued his training of tennis up to her eighth month of pregnancy. But it is above all for his style that the bubbly brunette about her in the media ! In fact, if Pippa Middleton enjoys good places to go Kate, it is also a source of inspiration.

And not for anyone, because Pippa Middleton has apparently given ideas to Meghan Markle ! In fact, as we can see on the photos published by the Daily Mail, the duchess of Sussex was inspired by the sister of Kate Middleton and bought the same bag it, a bag of very stylish of the american brand J. Crew. The media had noticed this bag when the wife of James Matthews had sported recently at Wimbledon, and obviously they were not the only ones ! If according to rumors Pippa Middleton would copy the style of Meghan Markle, it would seem that the reciprocal is true.

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