Tick bites: the vaccine for children against serious infections out of stock

The vaccine Ticovac® 0.25 ml children is no longer available since the July 9 announcement on its website, the national Agency of the drug (MSNA). Produced by the pharmaceutical company Pfizer, it helps prevent encephalitis, tick-borne in children, viral diseases transmitted by bite of an insect. According to the health agency, the “handover quota scheduled from the week of July 30“.

If there is an adult version also out of stock “since the 19th of June“, the vaccine Ticovac® child is the only one which can be administered to patients aged 1 to 15 years of age. In fact, the Encepur® vaccines, alternative vaccine against encephalitis, tick-borne, far more teenagers and adults, usable from the age of 12.

Recommended for travel in Europe and Asia

Between 5,000 to 13,000 cases are reported each year in the world. We speak of encephalitis when there is inflammation of the brain : the virus is attacked to a part of the brain.

The disease occurs rarely in France outside of the border areas such as Alsace and the Savoie, the researchers believe that there are only three cases per year. The world regions the most affected are the central Europe, the East and the North, to the north of the central Asia, north of Japan and China.

It is for this reason that children, like adults, vaccination is recommended by the health authorities “in people residing in areas affected by the disease, and in travelers exposed”, one can read on the site of Vaccination Info Service.

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