More “there is no trust in the United States,” according to the diplomacy iranian

The iranian foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Wednesday that it was difficult to imagine negotiations with the United States, in which more “there is no trust”, in the aftermath of the restoration of u.s. sanctions against Tehran. “Imagine the negotiations now, how can we trust them?”, said Mr. Zarif to the press on the channel of public information IRINN. “America has constantly zigzagged, nobody can trust him,”-he said. Washington, who retired in may of the agreement on the iranian nuclear issue concluded in 2015 with the major powers, said they want to exert “maximum pressure” on Iran through new sanctions.

But several times the american president Donald Trump has left the door open to talks. “At the moment we are maintaining our economic pressure maximum on the iranian regime, I remain open to an agreement more comprehensive, that would cover all of its adverse activities, including its ballistic program and its support for terrorism,” had said Monday that Mr. Trump. But for Mr. Zarif, “before, nobody was supporting Iran. Now, all countries of the world (the) support”.

The Europeans, them also signatories of the agreement are said to be determined to save the text, and to “protect the european economic operators engaged in legitimate business with Iran”.

The first wave of us sanctions took effect on Tuesday. It includes deadlocks on financial transactions and imports of raw materials, as well as measures penalizing on purchases in the automotive industry and commercial aviation. It will be followed in November other measures affecting the oil and gas sector as well as the central Bank.

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