Plymouth shooting latest – Jake Davison had totally ‘blank expression’ as incel murdered child & strangers in cold blood

A MAN who comforted a victim of gunman Jake Davison said the incel had a “completely blank” expression after gunning down men, women and children in the street.

Bert Pinkerton said he went to help Kate Shepherd, 66, and locked eyes with teh killer.

He told Sky News: “(Davison) was staring through you basically. He was dressed in black – black T-shirt, big black beard, black curly hair, and walking like was on patrol, like a soldier with a gun.”

He says he believed he would have been the gunman’s next target if he had not run out of bullets.

Officers are continuing to investigate areas within a large police cordon in Keyham after the shooting spree by gunman Jake Davison, 22, on Thursday.

It comes after Davison’s YouTube page has revealed the mass-murderer as a rambling gun nut who follows the “Incel” movement.

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