Plymouth shooting news – Jake Davison massacre may be declared a TERROR attack over his warped woman-hating incel views

THE gun massacre in Plymouth last week could be declared a TERROR ATTACK over the gunman’s warped, women-hating views, it is claimed.

Jake Davison, 22, regularly posted misogyny-filled videos on his YouTube page and had ties to the warped online world of incels – a global collective of twisted men who identify as ‘involuntary celebrates’.

These individuals routinely express violent hatred of women for not wanting to have sex with them and have regularly praise mass murders and other violent incidents – usually against women – involving incels.

Now, according to The Times, officers from the South West Counter Terrorism Intelligence Unit will look at Davison’s  phone, computer and online postings to asses what extent being an ‘incel’ played in the massacre.

If being an incel is deemed to be a motive for the massacre, which left five innocent people dead, including a three-year-old girl – then the incident will fall into counter-terror policing and be formally declared a terror attack.

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