PM has backed Andrea Leadsom’s attack on John Bercow in Commons sexism row

THERESA May has backed Andrea Leadsom’s attack on John Bercow in Commons sexism row. Mrs Leadsom accused the Speaker of hypocrisy after he ruled Jeremy Corbyn should apologise if he had called the PM a “stupid woman”.

She reminded MPs that Mr Bercow had refused to apologise after he was caught using the same insult to her earlier this year.

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Andrea Leadsom showed Bercow to be a hypocrite in front of MPs, reminding them of when he refused to apologise for calling her a ‘stupid woman’[/caption]

A senior No10 source said the PM backed the Commons Leader for taking on the Speaker over sexism, saying: “Andrea feels very strongly about this – and rightly so.”

Mr Corbyn, who claimed he said “stupid people”, lashed out at reporters asking him about the remarks. He claimed the media was “utterly obsessed”. Earlier his wife leapt to his defence – insisting Mr Corbyn had said “nothing”.

Accompanying her husband as he left Parliament Laura Alvarez told reporters: “He did not say anything. He is the most respectful person in the world. He respects everyone.”

Mr Corbyn’s key ally Diane Abbott also jumped to his defence – hailing him as an “honest” man and said he would have apologised if he had uttered a sexist jibe.


The PM backed Andrea Leadsom and her criticism of John Bercow’s hypocritical comments[/caption]


John Bercow bashed Jeremy Corbyn for his ‘stupid woman’ remark, when he had said the same thing to Andrea Leadsom and refused to apologise[/caption]


Jeremy Corbyn insists he said ‘stupid people’ and was not referring to the Prime Minister directly[/caption]

The Shadow Home Secretary also lashed out at the BBC for giving the story too much coverage.

She told the Today programme: “This is not public service broadcasting.”

Deputy Labour leader said Mr Corbyn had “denied using those words and that is good enough for me”.

In a video released Mr Corbyn accused the Tories and the media of “creating a phony row about something I didn’t say”.

“Did I say stupid people? Yeah I did, because I think they are, because I think turning Parliament into a pantomime is an act of unbelievable stupidity.”


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