Police car rams moped suspects off the road in dramatic video showcasing no-nonsense tactics to stop London bike gangs

SPECIALIST cops are ramming moped yobs off the streets as new footage reveals their battle against the city’s lawless bikers.

Newly-released footage reveals how London’s police officers are fighting back against the capital’s moped menace.

One thugs goes flying across a cop windscreen as he is rammed by specialist drivers
Police are battling the scooter gangs wreaking havoc on the streets of London
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Scotland Yard has been using the tactics effectively since 2018

Video caught from police helicopters and ground vehicles show how officers are clamping down on moped offenders with specialist tactics including ramming.

In one video, two offenders on a scooter are speeding through central London before they are sent crashing onto the bonnet of an intercepting police car.

More footage shows motorcycle-mounted officers chasing down crook Konna Ward through north London, until he too is sent flying after he is rammed by officers.

He was later convicted of several offences, including riding while disqualified, aggravated vehicle taking, failing to stop, a racially aggravated public order offence, no insurance and possession with intent to supply cannabis.

Officers across England and Wales are now allowed to carry out ‘tactical contact’ manoeuvres on moped riders, a move that was criticised by Labour’s Diane Abbott.

Cops introduced the brutal new tactic in 2018 in order to smash the moped mugging gangs plaguing London’s streets.

Since then the spate of offenders using mopeds in the capital has dropped from 20,973, between June 2017 and July 2018, to just 9,723 in the year until June 2019.

Cops on motorcycles have also been deployed to use the tactics

Moped crime first surged in 2017, with criminals using scooters to target pedestrians by snatching phones before making quick getaways on London’s crowded streets.

Metropolitan Police officers are now be able to ram into moped-riding thieves even when they’re not wearing helmets, riding dangerously or disguising themselves.

The growth of moped crime – in which some criminals have stolen up to 30 phones in an hour – has exploded by 1,000 per cent across the UK in the past three years.

And Lawless London has seen the highest spike in moped muggings, where over 19,000 separate offences were recorded last year alone.

Victims are often targeted as they’re coming out of tube stations and other transport hubs where they’re more vulnerable to attacks.

Thieves snatch handbags, watches and other expensive items before making an easy getaway.

The Met posted footage of its elite officers using the tactics.

A statement from the force said: “Watch our specially trained officers in action as they showcase a range of tactics used on London’s roads to reduce pursuits and prevent injury occurring to members of the public.


Met Police officers were thought to have become more cautious about moped pursuits in the wake of Henry Hicks' death.

Hicks was just 18 when he died in a moped crash while fleeing from cops.

Two unmarked police cars were going at speeds over 50mph when Hicks came off his moped in Islington, north London in December 2014.

He smashed into a minicab and died from blunt force trauma to the head.

Seven bags of skunk cannabis were found in Hicks’ possession, along with a number of mobile phones.

Although four officers were ultimately cleared of gross misconduct, Hicks’ death triggered a review into the Met’s pursuit policies.

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick later denied that the force had a ‘no pursuit’ policy as a result.

“We can, we will and we do target those involved in moped and motorcycle crime at every opportunity.

“Want to find out more?

“These officers will be at the Carole Nash MCN Motorbike Show taking place at the ExCel Centre this weekend.

“Come along and find out what they do each day to reduce moped crime, get advice on how you can protect your bike from thieves and have the opportunity to win some prizes donated by Secured by Design.

“You can also see our brand new BMW F750GS-P bikes, which have been tailored to meet our requirements and navigate throughout London – even in some of the narrowest and most difficult roads to travel through.

“They are smaller and lighter but can give a clear tactical advantage to officers pursuing moped thieves across London’s busy streets.”

Cops had been criticised due to a widespread belief that they weren’t allowed to pursue a suspect on a moped if they weren’t wearing a helmet.

But changes in the law have made it explicit that specially trained police drivers can chase a rider without a helmet.

Forces previously unveiled other tactics to fight moped crime, like automatic tyre deflation devices and DNA tagging spray.

The spray marks the clothes, bikes and skin of riders with a uniquely-coded but invisible DNA that can later be used as forensic evidence linking suspects with specific crimes.

There were 19,455 offences of moped crime in London between January and October 2017.

Another bounces off the bonnet of a police car
South West News Service
DNA Tagging Spray is also being used to track moped muggers
South West News Service
A moped riding suspect rammed by Met Police officers during a chase in London
South West News Service


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