Police hold polo-playing former public schoolboy for questioning over TRIPLE OAP murder

A POLO-playing former public schoolboy is being held over the murder of three OAPs.

Police have been given extra time to question Alexander Lewis-Ranwell, 27, after he reportedly refused to leave his cell.

Police are holding polo-playing over murder of three OAPs
Police are holding polo-playing Alexander Lewis-Ranwell over murder of three OAPs

Police yesterday confirmed the victims — twins Dick and Roger Carter, 84, and Anthony Payne, 80 — had all suffered “similar” serious head injuries.

Lewis-Ranwell was arrested on Wednesday, and a close family friend yesterday revealed he went to an £11,000-a-term boarding school. He also previously had a 64-year-old girlfriend.

The neighbour, who looked after him growing up in North Devon, said: “He was one of the nicest children you could ever meet. He is so polite and kind and was good at school.

“He was brilliant at polo. He wanted to play so his dad bought him horses.”

Magistrates yesterday granted police an extra 36 hours to question him over the murders in Exeter. The victims were found on Monday and Tuesday. Supt Matt Lawler said: “So far we have been unable to interview the suspect. There have been various issues.”

A source revealed: “The suspect was difficult even with taking samples and had to be restrained. He is not talking and is refusing to leave his cell.”

Detectives admitted they had found no clear motive for the murders or a link between the suspect and the victims.

Alexander Lewis-Ranwell
Alexander Lewis-Ranwell is refusing to leave his police cell, it is reported


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