Polls predict Labor survival on Super Saturday

Bill Shorten and Malcolm Turnbull

Polling booths are due to close in Tasmania’s Braddon and Queensland’s Longman at 6pm AEST, with the latest Newspoll showing Labor ahead 51-49 in two-party terms in both seats.

HALF 1,000,000 Australians have solid their votes in a very historic Super weekday of 5 by-elections sparked by the twin citizenship heroic tale. The leads to 3 seats – dressing in Australian state, and state capital and Fremantle in Australian state – square measure nearly set.But it can be days before the results for Longman in Queensland and Braddon in Tasmania square measure noted with tens of thousands of individuals opting to solid their vote early. If Labor encompasses a defeat in either seat, Australians can be headed to the polls once more at intervals months if Malcolm Turnbull decides to decision AN early election and Bill Shorten’s leadership can be on the road. Polls square measure set to shut at 6pm – keep tuned for updates from every seat throughout the night here.


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