Popular girls’ names like Rosie, Daisy & Issy have VERY rude meanings in Cantonese & they’re making people giggle

A CHINESE culture expert has revealed the VERY rude meaning of popular girls’ names like Rosie, Issy and Daisy in Cantonese.

Dr Candise Lin is a Mandarin and Cantonese tutor, as well as an educator of Chinese cultures and languages on social media. 


A Chinese culture expert has revealed the name ending ‘sie’ means POO in Cantonese[/caption]


Unfortunately, it means loads of popular British girls’ names have secret rude meaninigs – like Rosie[/caption]

And she’s explained the common name ending of “sie” means “s***” in Cantonese, leaving many British girls with unfortunate “poo” names.

In a new TikTok clip, Dr Candise explains how Jessie means “bird poo” and Maisie means “beautiful poo” – but these are arguably the best of the bunch.

As the video continues, she explains how Rosie means “old poo”, Issy means “ear poo”, Josie means “morning poo” and Sissy means “double poo”.

In the comments, other native speakers revealed how Daisy translates as “big poo”.

The clip has already got millions of views and people are in stitches.

Commenting on the post, one Jessy said: “So now I know where not to travel because I don’t want people laughing at my name.”

While a Maisy replied: “At least I’m a beautiful s***”.

Others laughed: “That must be hysterical (to) hear people say their names.”

While one mum joked: “Should have named my daughter Josie, she was born in the morning. Makes sense.”

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Maisie means ‘beautiful s***’ – which is perhaps the most flattering of the lot[/caption]


Jessie, meanwhile, means ‘bird poo’[/caption]


Issy means ‘ear poo’[/caption]


And Josie means ‘morning poo’[/caption] Link

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