Laurent Wauquiez, Emmanuel Macron “leads France in the wall”

Emmanuel Macron “led France into the wall,” said Laurent Wauquiez, the president of the Republicans (RL) in an interview in the Figaro, ironisant on those who are to the right of “harden the tone” after having had “the eyes of Chimene” for the head of State.

“This is the first year of the quinquennium is a failure with the largest decline in purchasing power for the past six years, the same increase of public spending under president François Hollande, an increase in public sector jobs, the worst growth of all of Europe, the historical record of entry of migrants, the continuing degradation of the authority, and inaction in the face of islamism”, listed Mr. Wauquiez in this interview posted online Friday evening.

“If it continues at this pace, Emmanuel Macron led France into the wall, and while this may end badly,” continued the boss of LR, who makes his reentry policy Sunday in the Haute-Loire.

For Mr. Wauquiez, the decrease of the public expenditure is “the fundamental topic of re-entry”. “There is no fight against the waste of public money, and therefore no reduction of taxes”, he estimated.

“It is necessary to give the money to the French (…) France, with the decisions that of Emmanuel Macron, including the CSG, now has the record of compulsory levies in Europe. Never the middle classes have as much paid. What is the result ? It has stifled growth”, has developed the president of the Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes.

“What I say today, I said a year ago”

When asked about Valérie Pécresse, who was on his back with his movement Free! Friday, in the Corrèze, and Xavier Bertrand, who has left LR after his election to the presidency of the party, Mr. Wauquiez explained that it had “a different choice at two levels”.

“Like many, I would have been able to create my small stable at the time of the debacle election of 2017. I made the choice to devote my energy to the collective and to the reconstruction of our political family”.

“The second difference, it is the evolution of the discourse of those who had to Macron the eyes of Chimene. Today, they harden the tone to fit the curve of the polls. Me, I have not changed. What I say today, I said a year ago,” says Mr Wauquiez.

Finally, on Europe, “I clearly reaffirmed our commitment to europe, which does not allow the maintenance of certain postures or alibis,” said the president of LR.

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