Why I love Nick Jonas, the boyfriend of Priyanka Chopra revealed by Camp Rock and Kingdom ?

At the time when all the world evokes the engagement of Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra, it seemed necessary to mention the problematic case of the actor, as revealed by Camp Rock and the series Kingdom !

Sexiest man alive ! If last week I talked with you on the kindness and modesty peculiar to the prince William, the son of Lady Diana married Kate Middleton, my review of this week will be noticeably different. In fact, after having dealt with a public character in the image smoother than smooth, it is high time to recall without visiting one of the artists in the controversial of our generation : Nick Jonas. For many, Nick Jonas is a synonym for curly and anthems, pop, broadcast in a loop on the Disney Channel. And we’re not going to lie, those who perceive as this are not so far from the truth. That said, at 25 years old, Nick Jonas has actually given up on the loops and has a body far from unpleasant, due to the time he spends working on it.

Its anthems pop has become tubes of electro-pop and live, he never resist the urge to take his guitar and prove all those who think that it only has a pretty face and abs, it is above all an artist. Because it is this aspect of his personality that the public has come to forget to force to ask a way you may not more sulfurous in magazines. We’ll get to that. Many are those who don’t know, but Nick Jonas is the boy at the origin of the project The Jonas Brothers. A self-taught artist, he quickly felt that the success would come when his brothers and him were all in a group. And it worked. So no, I don’t remember necessarily their tubes. But is this really important ? The case of Nick Jonas is particularly interesting because it is one of the rare players to be passed through the machine the Disney Channel and to be released unharmed.

Yes, there are very few scandals that engulfed Nick Jonas ! Even when he decided to no longer wear his famous ring of purity, the media have treated him with consideration. Unlike his co-female stars, Nick Jonas has not experienced the curse of Disney. Quite the contrary ! While it was thought that it would eventually be forgotten after the final separation of the Jonas Brothers, Nick has managed to work in depth and its full image. And it all started with a physical transformation in early 2010. Even more, thanks to the Disney Channel, the young man has realized that he should not be content to be a singer. Yes, to continue to excite the crowds, he could not resolve to a few tv shows here and there. He needed a better platform. And what better than a television series to stay in the public’s mind ?

Already passed by Hannah Montana , and Jonas, Nick Jonas has made inroads in Mr. Sunshine, Last Manding, Smash or Submissions Only. But it will have to wait for 2013, and Hawaii Five-0 for producers and writers to realize the dramatic potential that has his face. In 2014, he landed in the new series Kingdom. Centreé on the adventures of a manager of a boxing gym, Nick Jonas plays Nate Kulina, the second son of the latter. But the peculiarity of his role (that he has held for 40 episodes) is that Nate is a homosexual repressed. True risk for an actor whose career could be based on her sex appeal, Nick Jonas is doing wonderfully. It picks up even the nominations for the People’s Choice Awards for his performance.

Add to that the pictures can no longer be sulphurous for journals connected such as Flaunt, Hero, CLASH , or even Wonderland and the turn is played. But these are his photos in Attitude, TÊTU , and OUT Magazine , which will eventually establish its status as a sex symbol. In addition to reaching girls and women, Nick Jonas found himself in contact with the LGBT community particularly fond of actors in tune with their sexuality. Unfortunately, by dint of playing with fire (his potential bisexuality) without ever evoke it clearly, Nick Jonas ends up annoying. But it seems not to have what to do : the young man wants to mainly play music, perform on stage and take on different characters. At the time where the rumors about the sexuality of Justin Bieber and Shawn Mendes are pouring in, it should remember one thing : the sexuality of an artist may influence his works, but it is the latter that should make us love him. This is obviously for Nick Jonas !

Nevertheless, to get engaged with Priyanka Chopra just two months after being put out with it officially has the direct consequence that to revive those rumors. Unfounded (for the moment), they are without surprise écœurantes. I will advise never to person to get engaged at the end of two months, but when the feelings are real, who am I to tell others what they should do ? Even more, accusing Nick Jonas to be homosexual and not to assume his sexuality at a time when it is engaged suggests that 1) the affection he has for Priyanka Chopra is not real 2) Priyanka Chopra is not well enough to interest a heterosexual man 3), Nick Jonas is ashamed of what he is.

Only, what many users forget, at the time of relaying rumors wrong, is that Nick Jonas has always been a personality very devout who is working hard on his relationship with God. This can without doubt bring a smile to some but we should all respect it without being able to necessarily understand. Get engaged with Priyanka Chopra allows Nick Jonas to make their romance legit (in the eyes of God and of his family) and not to make yet another conquest in which the people press revels now but will eventually spit it back out later. For a moment, I’ll make myself the devil’s advocate here : would this ultimately not the simple sign of love that Nick door to Priyanka to want to treat her like the princess that she is and not as a vulgar “girl of the moment” ?

Was 25 years old, the interpreter of “Jealous”, “Chains” and “Levels” has proven that he is very serious in everything he does. You can comment on or even criticize his music and his vocal performances but it would be absurd to question his desire to ask, to be happy and live his life with the person he loves. And finally, perhaps it is because the people of his age do not take it ever seriously it has come to the attention to a woman 11 years his senior ! In the rest of the news people, here’s why I love Kylian Mbappé, the star of the French team and the world Cup 2018.

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  1. That just shows you how mad this countrys legal system is to even consider letting this man out earlier?
    Sara has been very ill recently and this is all she needs;please god i hope they dont let him out early!

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