Why libido increases as much as the temperature in the summer

PSYCHO-SEXO – 53 % of the French admit to having more desire to make love in the summer.

Ah, summer, the beach, the sun, the water, the naked body, the skin shiny… So many elements conducive to raise the temperature. In fact, the summer season would be the period where more than half of French people have the most desire to make love (53 %), according to a YouGov poll carried out with the site of live cam adult UFancyMe. The survey was conducted online from 18 to 20 June from 1.005 persons aged less than 35 years, reports on The Parisian. In this, they are 64 % to love be watched, and 74 % appreciate be picked up by one.e unknown.e : among them are all the same 69 % of people in a relationship, and 77 % are single.

In addition to the fact that the body less dressed and the skin seeming to be able to trigger the excitement, for many sexologists, the summer is the holiday season : less tension, less stress… the rays of The sun allow you to regain energy and raise morale because it increases serotonin. Also, the French have more time to give to their partner, which promotes the reconciliation and marriage including sexual. For singles, the summer holidays are the best opportunity for social gatherings (festivals, night clubs, bars, etc.). But would it be also a period conducive to deception for the people in a couple ?

54 % of French people think that flirting with another person, it is cheating

While nearly three-quarters of French couples confess that they appreciate be picked up on holiday, it would seem that the limit of fidelity is difficult to identify. For 54% of them, this line can be crossed by a simple flirt (47 % of men and 61 % women), while two-thirds of the interviewees consider that a kiss, even stolen, is adultery (56 % of men and 73 % women), and finally, they are 78 % to be regarded as a deception, the fact of having a sexual relationship with another person (74 % of men and 82% women). Now, you will listen differently the famous song of serge Gainsbourg Sea, sex and sun


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