Why the supporters of the Blue are likely to hate Alexander Benalla

On social networks, the joke revolved since the beginning of the affair Benalla. While the information that is enduring, hour after hour, on the right arm of the head of State, the tweeters were trying to make a joke about mixing two topics : and if it was him who had made it so that the bus of the Blue only to come down as soon as the Champs-Elysées, disappointing thousands of fans gathered on the avenue ? They did not believe so well to say. According to the revelations of the Canard Enchaîné released as soon as Tuesday, July 24, Alexander Benalla, which, as shown in the photos taken during the event, stood at the driver’s side, would have held a role in the rapid descent of the bus of the Blue.

“The supporters of football have been taken to the blue”, one can read in the newspaper. “On July 23, BFM, Christophe Castaner – the boss of Running ! – tries a little bridge to justify the presence of Benalla in the bus of the champions of the world : ‘I heard that he was in charge of the logistics, including baggage.’ Before him, the Elysée had sworn not to be anything in the making that the team bus of France, on 16 July, had rushed down the Champs-Elysées like a crazy horse (…). Yet, it was well-Benalla, who played the twelfth man for the return match of footeux.”

The explanations of the Canard Enchaîné confirms the rumors that a rapid descent in order to arrive on time… for the newscast. “Arrived by car at charles de gaulle airport with a driver and back up lights, he has established himself as a playmaker, rabrouant the gendarmes on the tarmac and then imposing a rate of fire of hell in the convoy”, are our brothers. “The key to this, insurance for Macron to the opening of the Blue live from the Elysée palace. And so much the worse for the 300,000 fans who hoped to admire their heroes more than a few seconds.”

“The players absolutely had to leave the Élysée to 20h”

Patrick Strzoda, the director of the cabinet of the president of the Republic, is also expressed on this subject before the parliamentary investigation commission of the national Assembly on Tuesday. “With regard to the organisation of the reception of the team of France, we saw Mr. Benalla on the way who has led the team to the airport of Roissy until the Élysée palace”, he says in a filmed sequence by BFMTV. “The context was the following : the reception of the team of France at the Elysée palace had been decided upon in any emergency, and the French football Federation, we had fixed an extremely specific, namely that the players absolutely had to leave the Élysée to 20h.”

And continue : “We know from experience that between the airport and the Elysée palace, the sequence is the most sensitive for the bus is the descent of the Champs-Élysées. In 1998, it had lasted four hours. We have made the commitment vis-à-vis the FFF to comply with the time constraint. I had need, therefore, for an event whose end was the palace of the Elysée, where we hosted the players and their coaches, to be sure that the bus would arrive later than 19: 15, then I had a permanent contact during the whole progress of the procession, to find out if this time constraint would be required. This is the reason why Mr. Benalla was on the scene.”

This information comes to contradict the explanations of the Elysée but also those of the Prefecture of police of Paris, as well as those of the players and the coach Didier Deschamps. All said, last week, that the bus had rolled down the Champs-Elysées for “security reasons.” Who holds the truth ? The Palace, no doubt. And perhaps, also, Alexander Benalla.

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  1. cmon these boys and girls have risked their lives for years and we’re offering them a free bus ride into town. This is Britain we can do better than that !

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