Why is Meghan Markle has not been able to wear his hat at Wimbledon ?

It is the summer, and indeed the time to get out and capelin and other Borsalino to protect themselves from the sun with style. Well, keep in mind that for the duchesses, it is different, or at least under certain conditions.
The lovely Meghan attended the women’s final last Saturday to cheer on his best friend, Serena Williams, alongside his sister-in-law Kate Middleton. Just smile and ultra-accomplices, the two duchesses had cared for their look for the event : proper attire is required all the same, the top of the Royal Box.
Elegant, young women have followed the final under a blazing sun, but without a hat to protect themselves (although Meghan had planned one !) : why ?!

Meghan Markle : strict rules in terms of look

Remember, the day after her marriage with prince Harry, we dressions a checklist of golden rules to follow to the letter to Meghan Markle in respect to the royal protocol, and to stay in the good graces of the queen. It would seem that the young woman integrates more and more naturally the new line of conduct in terms of look, but we are never safe from a fashion faux-pas…

No later than this weekend, a detail not we so not have escaped. So that was a big sun above the stage of Wimbledon, the duchess of Sussex, had kindly put his hat on the side rather than on his head. And for good reason. The rules of the tournament stipulate that it is forbidden to wear a head covering when one is in the VIP area, just to not impede the view of other guests behind. It is, however, permitted in the stands.

We knew for the obligation of tacky, even by 40 degrees, or the dress or the skirt below the knee for the duchesses. And the same for the head covering banned after 18h, except the turban allowed in the evening ; we did not know yet that he could be ousted to a few events, even in the good time slots… Obviously Kate Middleton, she, who is more a novice in the matter, seemed to know. We will know for next time !

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