Pregnant wife of jailed French jihadi shot dead by terror cops after smuggling knife into prison during conjugal visit so he could stab two guards while shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’

THE pregnant wife of a jailed French jihadi helped him stab two prison officers during a “conjugal visit” before she was shot dead by anti-terror cops last night.

Michael Chiolo, 27, knifed the supervisors at the high security Alencon-Conde-sur-Sarthe facility in Normandy in what police called a terror attack.

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A cuffed suspect is led away by cops after a jihadi inmate stabbed two prison guards with the help of his pregnant wife in France yesterday[/caption]

Michael Chiolo, 27, stabbed two guards with a ceramic knife smuggled in by his pregnant wife who was later shot dead by police

He and his wife – who has not been named – then locked themselves inside the “family facility” on Tuesday morning while screaming “Allahu Akbar” – Arabic for “God is the greatest”.

Chiolo – who a judge called a “psychopath” when he was jailed in 2014 for murdering a holocaust survivor – was himself severely wounded before being captured.

Despite serving a 30-year-prison sentence for his horrific crime, Chiolo was still allowed regular family visits – including “conjugal” time for sex with his wife.

Describing the knife rampage earlier on Tuesday, French Justice Minister Nicole Belloubet said: “The terrorist nature of this attack isn’t in doubt.”


Ms Belloubet said the inmate’s wife “feigned illness” at around 9.45am – prompting two prison officers to arrive.

It was then that the inmate lashed out with his knife – wounding one man in the chest, and the other in the back and face.

Both guards have since been treated and neither are in a life-threatening condition.

Chiolo’s wife is thought to have smuggled a ceramic knife into the prison.

There were also fears that explosives may have been made available to her husband – but an apparent suicide bomb belt turned out to be fake.

The couple remained barricaded in the private quarters for nearly 10 hours until specialist RAID anti-terror cops stormed the locked room at about 6pm local time (5pm GMT).

A prison source said: “There were explosions, and gun shots, and then the husband was wounded but arrested

“His wife died from gunfire wounds, however.”


Islamic convert Chiolo was jailed for kidnapping, torturing and finally killing an 89-year-old concentration camp survivor.

Roger Tarall died as Chiolo and two other men ransacked his home in Montigny-les-Metz in April 2012.

Mr Tarall had been arrested by the Gestapo and deported to Dachau during the Second World War, but survived the notorious camp near Munich.

A source close to the case said: “Mr Tarall was threatened with a shotgun and then tied up with wires and blankets

“He died from asphyxiation.”

The source added: “Chiolo was caught soon afterwards after boasting about the murder to a girlfriend.”


Michael Chiolo’s wife was pregnant – meaning she is unlikely to have been searched as rigorously as other inmates when she went to visit him today.

French prison officials have often complained about the ease with which visitors can smuggle in ceramic knives – which can pass through metal detectors.

It was during an appeal hearing in 2014 that a judge called Chiolo a “psychopath”.

Soon afterwards he was given another year in prison for asking his fellow inmates in Mulhouse to “recreate the Bataclan attack.”

This was a reference to the November 2015 attack on the Bataclan music venue in Paris – when 89 people were murdered in cold blood by gunmen affiliated to Islamic State.

Knife attacks have also been a common tactic used by France-born Islamic State operatives carrying out attacks in France since 2015.

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An injured person is carried out on a stretcher after police stormed the prison on Tuesday evening[/caption]

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Elite officers gathered to raid the private rooms where the couple had barricaded themselves for 10 hours[/caption]

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A soldier walks towards an army helicopter in front of the Alencon prison[/caption]

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A cuffed woman is led away by anti-terror cops at the prison[/caption]


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An emergency air ambulance was dispatched to the scene yesterday[/caption]

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Emergency service crews gathered at the prison during the tense standoff[/caption]

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The Penitentiary centre of Alencon, in Conde-sur-Sarthe, northwestern France is a high security facility[/caption]

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Paris State Prosecutor Remy Heitz talks to the press[/caption]

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