President of the National Union of Students tells critics to ‘f*** off’ in a Facebook rant

THE president of the National Union of Students told critics to “f*** off” in a Facebook meltdown.

Shakira Martin, 31, outspoken in her 20 months in office, ranted she does not give “two s**ts” about detractors.

Shakira Martin told critics to ‘f*** off’ in a Facebook rant 20 weeks before leaving her job
Jeremy Young – The Sunday Times
The Facebook message has now been deleted

The mum of two, facing motions of no confidence from several students’ unions, responded with her FB rant, which has now been deleted.

The post said: “What I should have been doing instead of focusing on this awful job is focusing on my children.

“But, no, because I have been running around like some fool putting NUS before my girls, all for liberating education for everyone else but mine.

“I’ve 20 weeks left in this joke of a role and none of you ungrateful people are counting down the weeks more than me.”

She added: “Now in the most professional way possible, f*** off.”

Martin is only the second NUS president not to have gone to uni.

There have been several attempts to sack her.

She came under fire for plans to withdraw funds for a campaign to protect transgender students.

A NUS spokesman said: “The message was posted to a private Facebook account so we have no comment.”

Martin is the second president of the union who did not attend university
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