Prince Charles is very close to the prince George, he speaks on their relationship accomplice

More complicit than ever with her grandson, prince Charles has recently made tender confidences about her relationship with the prince George.

You do not mess with the protocol in the royal family. Prince George did not beautiful be 4 years, it is already prepared to become king of England, thanks to an intensive program put in place by queen Elizabeth II. Yes, when the time came, the big brother of the princess Charlotte will the british crown. But in the meantime to reign, the eldest of Kate Middleton and prince William took advantage of his youth as any child. Currently in school holidays, the toddler spends time with the family. In particular, with his grand-father prince Charles , with whom he shares a tender complicity. The monarch benefits even for him to discover his passion !

Guest in the issuance of gardening british Gardeners’ World, prince Charles has left to go to some confidences on his grandson. In fact, you may not know this but the father of William and Harry is a big fan of botanical gardens. A passion developed in her childhood and remember fondly his moments of simplicity to play outside with his sister princess Anne and her grand-mother. Memories that he now shares with prince George. “The most important thing is that I managed to make him plant a tree or two,” he also said in the program. Adorable ! And for still more mignonitude, here is a photo that has never been seen of prince George that will make you crack.

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