Prince George does he have a soul of artist ? Here is his first duty to school ! (VIDEO)

While the royal family took advantage of a small summer break, well-deserved, the first duty of school of prince George has been made public. Attention, you will be surprised !

Adorable ! Although he came only to celebrate its 5 years old, prince George has all of the big brother ideal. Own on him, warm with the unknown and concern for the well-being of its brothers, the eldest son of William and Kate never ceases to surprise. It is in any case what one is right to think of discovering his first duty of the school. The tabloid The Sun has just put online a video edited by the school of the prince, the Thomas’s Battersea. Realized it was eight months, the video had only been available to key stakeholders, the parents of the children studying in this school. On the video, the school management was keen to capture the different achievements in paper and cardboard of his students. And for its first duty, the prince George has let her creativity run free, and that gives us a cute green dragon in a cardboard approximately 30 cm.

To help identify the dragon, the prince’s management has placed placards with the names of the students in front of each creation. Very touched by the dragon, a source close to the royal family commented at the microphone of the Sun : “This is a video so cute and it is so wonderful to see a piece of George and his dragon. This seems to be a good effort of the young prince.” Unlike his comrades who have used egg cartons painted as well as color cards, George opted for cotton balls at the time to refine his dragon ! As a reminder, you must pay approximately 19.800€ to be able to register her child at Thomas’s Battersea for over a year. In the rest of the news, here is the new rule that the prince George should meet now that he is 5 years old.

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